1. How much more I love storytelling in Anime than in TV – Boruto
  2. The painstaking process of hand lettering – Stefan Kunz
  3. How applying just a little bit of UX design and thoughtfulness to an electric skateboard can make it such a delight – Boosted boards
  4. How much power daily habits give you (not to mention how much time back they give you) – Habits
  5. A city designed in grids. People did that to make your lives better (we’re not so lucky in Sydney) – New York
  6. The crazy skill it takes to fly a racing drone – Mr Steele
  7. How overnight successes happen after putting in 80 hours of work on one piece – @justinleduc
  8. As a guy, its ok to cry – but know when to be tough, too – Mr Ben Brown
  9. That writing things down always makes it better – Day one
  10. Creatives that pursue their passions – You