They say that creativity is our mind mixing several inputs and outputting something new. Associative thinking. A remix of life.

Lately in photography, I feel like I haven’t been making as many of these associations as I once was.

Maybe it’s the lack of travel. Maybe it’s the relentless search of something more. Maybe it’s the bar being set too high and expectations never being met. Whatever it is, something needs to change.

I’m bored of Sydney. I’ve run out of new locations to shoot in, and reposting different angles of the same place makes me feel slightly dirty inside. It’s a conundrum because I’ve resorted to posting latergrams from my travels with the same idea – different angles of similar locations.

Either way, it gets boring, I feel bad and it makes me feel unfulfilled with my photographic work. I haven’t added a new portfolio piece in months.

I’m riding the high of travel, and only more travel can scratch that itch. And because I can’t travel as often as I would like (because photography is my side hustle) my creativity suffers from a lack of inspiration.

So, instead of chasing that inspiration within photography itself (because I know it’s a fools errand for me right now having exhausted all other avenues aside from more travel), I’m going to chase it in a medium slightly adjacent to it – writing.

I love writing. I’m kinda shit at it, and it’s definitely something I want to get better in. I love it because it forces you to slow down and think. Really think. And really think deeply.

In the constant flurry of notifications we receive on our devices every day, writing is the antithesis to our attention deficit. I cherish the focus required to consume a minute or more of prose on a given topic because it requires thought. Dissecting. Learning. And I cherish the hour or more worth of process, manifesting your thoughts into something tangible to share to another.

The ultimate intention is that by forcing myself to write – forcing myself through the creative process – will hopefully cause me to create more associations in my mind which will eventually trickle into other areas of my life – especially in photography.

Now, as a content creator, I know it probably makes more sense for me to learn video, as that’s a natural extension for photography and in doing so, would also scratch the creative itch. However, as I get older, I find that most of the time I’m better off leveraging and improving a skill I’ve already made significant headway in, rather than trying to brush up on my weaknesses. No one has ever reached mastery by being decent at everything.

The best way to get good at anything is through hustle – repetition. So I’ll be forcing myself to sit down and write every day for the next 60 days – no matter what. This, plus the intention to publish 20 articles over the same time period. That means an article every 3 days, although I’ll endeavour to be more regular than that.

The articles will be about random shit I find interesting. 20 points of interest I can use as inputs to creatively rant on about. 20 different topics so I don’t give myself a hard time trying to decide what to write about. Of course, that’s a lot of articles for someone going from pretty much zero, so bare with me in terms of the quality. Sometimes they’re not going to be as polished as I would like, and other times it might just seem like I’m drunk. Hang in there with me, though. We’ll get through it together.

The good news is that these articles will mostly be about things semi-related to photography (and hopefully valuable to you). Hopefully more towards the ‘art’ side than the ‘craft’ side, but they could also be gear reviews, a photoset or two, some random thoughts about motivation and life, or even a haiku if I’m feeling particularly artsy (That’s a joke. Or is it? =P).

I’ll also be trying to focus on building an audience both here and on Medium, so make sure to follow me on there if you haven’t already 🙂

And also, if you’re a subscriber here, apologies in advance for all the spam over the next 20 articles. But hey, more is better than none, right? 😛

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