On Thursday I was lucky (well, fast) enough to secure a spot in the exclusive Sydney photo meet sponsored by Canon. Canon are doing this ‘Leap challenge’ for 30 days to push your photography to its creative limits.

The basic premise is that you go to the Canon website, where every day you’re given a different brief to shoot. You’re supposed to shoot things that push your imagination, and for this event, that was definitely no exception.

The event was hosted by talented duo @theinkedshooter and @the_33rd in Sydney’s Hyde Park Barracks Museum.

Sup, homies.

We had the entire 3 levels of the museum to ourselves, with each floor housing more history and war-ridden stories than the last. At the start of the night, we were split into groups and given briefs to go shoot, using whatever part of the museum we thought would best suit the brief.

Our team’s first brief was ‘Be Mysterious’. Our team ended up with a concept of a ghost walking through the hallway, figureless. My interpretation below.


After an hour, we were given a new brief. This time ‘Create order’.


Our team then came up with a concept of playing around with shadows and our phones, in some kind of orderly fashion.


That was cool, but what I was really looking forward to was for the free time to discover the place to myself.

The last brief of the night was something of your own choosing, and something that you could work by yourself on or with a team. Obviously I wanted to work by myself because I’m an anti-social bastard, but Beau (@theinkedshooter) was super kind enough to help me out with the brief that I chose, which was ‘Defy gravity’.

After a few failed attempts at using the staircase to create the illusion of an upside down ladder (and giving Beau’s abs a workout in the process), we decided to try something different. This is what we came up with.


Thanks to some handy help in Photoshop, I was able to create something that looks like he’s falling through the middle of the staircase. Kinda cool!

There’s a whole bunch of prizes up for grabs for our small group, so I’m going to enter these 3 photos in and see if I can win anything awesome =).

Overall, it was a pretty fun night. It’s actually really difficult to force yourself to be creative and think way outside the box with a brief and an unknown location. It was a great challenge. 10/10 would recommend again xD.

Thanks again to @theinkedshooter and @the_33rd for hosting such a great night, to Canon for putting the event together, and hello to all the new friends I made on the night!


Edit: I ended up winning the competition and a $500 Canon store voucher! Yew!