To be creative is to be courageous.

As someone who does something creative, what I mean by that is; I do many, many things that don’t always work. There’s never a certainty of payoff. We might not make it to the end of the tunnel. There might not even be a tunnel at all – but that’s okay.

I think the willingness to assume risk is what ties us together as creatives. The audacity to not only create vulnerability, but to share our vulnerability is the most beautiful part of being a creative, in my eyes.

Even if we don’t know if the result will be good, we know that the cycle of creating and sharing will eventually lead us to where we want to go. It’s a kind of insanity. It’s a kind of recklessness. But it’s work that no one else will do.

Have the courage to create.

We have to continually be jumping off cliffs and developing our wings on the way down

– Kurt Vonnegut