Singapore was one of my top 5 places to visit in the world (Japan is still number 1 – I’ll get there some day 😭) and I’m so grateful to have had the chance to explore and experience it with such amazing legends.

Before the dive into what we did in this amazing, modern city, major shout outs to my aussie crew – @danielnnng, @tk_north, @hollyyang and @s.wei_. Such an amazing trip, fam. Can’t wait for the next one.

Another major shoutout to all the local legends who hung out with us and showed us around. So much love to you guys. Can’t wait till you’re in Sydney so we can show you guys around! @_yafiqyusman_, @smilewithjeryl, @_andyyong, @highonmars, @brokenambitions, @ryanmamba, @leeyikkeat, @j9ryl, @jethoon, @onghaoxu, @ma7een_07, @howimetyourjareth, @khairulazmas, @kevins__pics.

Day 1

Or Night 1, rather. With TK and Holly having already been in Singapore for a week before us, Dan and I set out to meet Sunny at Singapore. An arvo flight, it was pretty decent, actually (for a budget airline). Unfortunately Dan booked a window seat, but upon arriving at his row, discovered that the entire row had no window! (LOL 😂 poor guy). Oh well, at least we ended up sitting in the same row with lots of space in the middle.

Landing in Singapore, we met up with Sunny and Andy, and trained it to Paya Lebar station, where our AirBnb was for the trip. We crashed shortly after because I was insistent that we all wake up for sunrise down at Marina Bay Sands.

Day 2

Sunrise was totally worth it :D. We got up at 4am and headed down to the bay area shortly after. We had plenty of time to explore from Merlion to the esplanade theatre and back. I even got the drone up for some quick shots at daybreak.

If you’re wondering what that ‘lotus’ thing is, it’s actually the ArtScience Museum, and it’s probably one of my favourite places we went to. One of the exhibitions, ‘Future World’ was on, and we had all seen photos from the ‘Crystal Universe’ installation and were super keen to be the first ones in so that we could get the whole install for ourselves, so we made a beeline straight for it. The installation is basically a shitload of coloured LED lights that give you the illusion of stars. You can also control the patterns the lights give off. It was mesmerising and wonderful. It was amazing.

After being spellbound for like an hour in that one installation, we worked our way backwards through the rest of the exhibition, which featured some rad coloured bouncy balls, this installation where you can draw pictures of animals, scan them in and they appear on a wall, moving in real time (Dan made a ‘Nihao’ fish army. Haha), cool coloured, illuminated blocks, a slippery slide, and a place to chill out on beanbags. We took our time through all of it – super fun.

After coming out of the museum, we decided to make our way to the Supertree Grove – an arrangement of man-made tree-shaped gardens that’s unlike anything I had ever seen before. Of course, I got the drone out and snapped some shots.

We then visited one of the main places I wanted to tick off my Singapore list, the old ‘The Future of Us’ exhibition. The exhibition has long been closed, but in its place left a gigantic domed structure composed of geometric patterns. Being an architecture lover, I just had to visit this place.

We then had lunch in a mall I forget the name of (a reoccurring theme in the trip – with so many malls in Singapore, I really don’t know how they remember all the names. Seriously. There’s a different mall every 20 metres!) and met up with Andy, Kai, Ruben and Kevin and hit up a couple of walkways and lookups on the way to our dinner location where we would meet Ryan, Jeryl and Haoxu.

After dinner we split up and went to the most insane lookup I’ve ever had the pleasure of… looking up? and across and down, whatever. Check this out:

Insane, right?!

We then explored a maze (shots of that in the next post where we come back to that spot in the day), took some trails with the Singapore Flyer in the background, and then I took a photo of a fish.

And that was day 2! (well, day 1. Whatever.) Not including my time lapse, I took 3000 shots and walked 35,000 steps. In other words, we walked half the distance of Singapore from east to west. Haha! What an insane day.

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