If you haven’t checked out Part 1 of our Singapore trip, read it here!

Before the dive into what we did in this amazing, modern city, major shout outs to my aussie crew – @danielnnng, @tk_north, @hollyyang and @s.wei_. Such an amazing trip, fam. Can’t wait for the next one.

Another major shoutout to all the local legends who hung out with us and showed us around. So much love to you guys. Can’t wait till you’re in Sydney so we can show you guys around! @_yafiqyusman_, @smilewithjeryl, @_andyyong, @highonmars, @brokenambitions, @ryanmamba, @leeyikkeat, @j9ryl, @jethoon, @onghaoxu, @ma7een_07, @howimetyourjareth, @khairulazmas, @kevins__pics.

Day 3

Ah, The Hive.

One of the most iconic buildings in Singapore in my opinion. It’s actually a building inside Nanyang Technological University. Yeah, another fantastically designed uni building (we’ve got a few of those in Sydney). On this day we travelled all the way west of Singapore with Andy and Kai. We had a big day ahead of us. There’s a ton of stuff out this way. The furthest spot west is NTU, so we headed there first and decided to work our way back towards the city. After reaching the uni, we made a beeline straight for the Hive (I’ll… let myself out 🙃).

This place is immense.

It was exactly what I expected, size, scale, the detail, the lines, everything. It was amazing. We spent over 2 hours there, visiting each floor, taking rad shots. Such an amazing space. Can’t wait to go back.

On the way out of the uni, we stopped by their Art, Design and Media building. Basically, it’s a big grass-topped building, shaped in some kind of weird arrangement not unlike what you’d find in a bowl of noodles. Which is to say that it’s unique AF and unlike any building I’ve ever seen.

Back on the road again after that. This time headed towards another of my ‘must-visit-in-Singapore’ places. But first, FOOD!

Upon arriving Jurong Point mall (thanks for the name, Jeryl! Haha) and smashing some chicken, we found that the mall had this super cool Hong Kong-style themed alleyway! We spent far too much time here and we ended up missing our bus to the next stop, but oh well, it was worth it!

The next stop was a location that I’ve been wanting to go to for a very long time. You may have seen it before. It an apartment block (glamorous, hey?) doused in pale white, with teal pillars people are absolutely enamoured with.

After spending a few hours there, I was enamoured with them too.

I also managed to score the first done shot (as far as we know) of the place! It’s beautiful from the top, too.

By then it was food time again. This time, dinner.

We hit up a famous Singaporean hawker centre, Lau Pa Sat and met up with a bunch more people. Too many, in fact. As straight after dinner, we headed to the last spot of the night – another ‘must-go’ spot in Singapore – International Plaza.

This was… interesting. I mean, the place is amazing, but how we got in there is a story in itself.

Our group was too big. Standing out the front of IP, it was decided that we should split in to groups in order to get access to the building in the stealthiest way. We were told that they recently increased security because of all the people going into the building – It’s a private lot of apartments. No public access. So we split up. The first group in was us – the foreigners, led by Andy.

We head into the building, dodging the security guards on the way. Headed to level two, where we would take the stairs up to level 9. On level 9, we entered a carpark, where we would transfer into the secondary building lifts. After a sketchy scare by a security guard literally sitting in the lift we were supposed to go up (with a chair and newspaper, just hanging out, no less), we worked our way around to the target lifts.

After going up 30 stories, we found that the lifts no longer went all the way up to level 37 – where we were supposed to go. So we then decided to use the fire escape to see if we could get into the higher floors.


We ended up locking ourselves in the stairwell. Trapped.

After assessing our options in the furnace of a fire escape, by some random stroke of lucky, I found a binder notebook on the floor. I ripped the metal wiring out of it and Dan and Sunny set to work on picking the door while Andy, Kevin and I hung around and watched (and of course, storied it. Haha).

Luckily, Andy called Kai and Reuben who were waiting outside for us, and they came to rescue us shortly after. We retreated outside to regroup and lick our wounds.

Feeling sweaty, tired, and kind of defeated, we came across a stroke of luck. Kai’s friend Maz (@ma7een_07) rocked up. Luckily, he lives in the building and he was super cool to take us up there and show us around. He even took us to his apartment and showed us the view from there! Such a dude. Big props to you, man! Thank you so much.

After spending over an hour in there, that was it for another jam-packed day!

Once again, thanks to Maz for letting us up there, and the SG fellas for showing us around all day. So much love.

Stay tuned for the 3rd and final part very soon!