If you haven’t checked out Part 2 of our Singapore trip, read it here!

Before the dive into what we did in this amazing, modern city, major shout outs to my aussie crew – @danielnnng, @tk_north, @hollyyang and @s.wei_. Such an amazing trip, fam. Can’t wait for the next one.

Another major shoutout to all the local legends who hung out with us and showed us around. So much love to you guys. Can’t wait till you’re in Sydney so we can show you guys around! @_yafiqyusman_, @smilewithjeryl, @_andyyong, @highonmars, @brokenambitions, @ryanmamba, @leeyikkeat, @j9ryl, @jethoon, @onghaoxu, @ma7een_07, @howimetyourjareth, @khairulazmas, @kevins__pics.

Day 4

Right back in to it after a yum cha breakfast with the squad, we hit up this walkway attached to a hotel I forget the name of (Haha, me and my memory) and were shortly kicked out. Not before I managed to nab this shot, though:

Shortly after, we met up with Yafiq, Jeryl & Andy and hit up the Millenia tower and surrounds. We even went back to the maze place again and this time, took a rad shot of the spiral staircase that was there!

After all that radness, we met up with some of the other SG guys and hung out around the bay. It was at this point that I dropped my phone and accidentally stepped on it. KO. *cries* 😭. Need a new one now (Hojae halp plez). That didn’t dampen my mood though, because we were coming up to sunset, real fast.

We made our way over to the ArtScience Museum and then to LV to watch the sunset over the water, facing the city. What an amazing view. It reminds me so much of Mrs Macquarie’s Chair here in Sydney.

We spent the rest of the night eating ice-cream sandwiches, long expoing, and just hanging out around the Helix bridge and surrounds. Such a rad finish to an amazing day.

Day 5

The last day! 😭 And what better way to spend it than to go balls out and do everything you can?

First stop, the National Museum of Singapore! We spent all morning into past noon here, visiting all the exhibitions and installations and uncovering Singapore’s heritage, while looking for sick spots to shoot 😂.

The most notable of exhibitions was the ‘What is not visible is not invisible’ exhibition – 34 artworks by 32 french artists, mostly light and abstract based. We had a hell of a time in this exhibition, let me show you:

AMAZING, right?! I wish they had these kinds of exhibitions in Sydney.

Our next stop for the day was Chinatown. Once again, all of our kind SG hosts were so amazing showing us around to a whole bunch of spots, most notably Lepark and the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple.

Nearing the end of the day now, we decided to finally go to Cloud Forest. This place is awesome. It’s a big, living, hill-like structure covered in plants and walkways, encased in a dome, engulfed with air-con. It’s… unlike anything else.

These girls were convinced I was shooting just them… I wasn’t. They do add to the shot, though.

And for our last city location, I really really wanted to go to the Fountain of Wealth. More than any other location, I wanted to drone this location, and at night, too. The weather was great, the wind was calm, it was perfect conditions to drone.

…little did I realise how shitty the Mavic’s AF is at night. It’s really shit. So shit that every single one of my images (except one, no idea how that happened) turned out shit (I blame myself, I should have checked more closely). Even the one that turned out okay is still shit. Damn. Lesson learned.

Pretty damn cool, hey? The shots I had even further up from this point were even better, sans-bokeh-everything.

Here’s what I shot on the ground, though:

Such an amazing place. But I was done after that.

Worn down and tired. We headed to the airport where we would redo a spot we did at the beginning of our journey. This would be our last shoot.

And that was it. Singapore.

I gotta say, Singapore is one of the most gorgeous places I’ve ever been to, and even though I took over 9000 (lol) images and over 250GB’s worth of content, I honestly feel like I only just scratched the surface of this wonderful place, and I already can’t wait to go back.

Once again, thank you so damn much to all of the local Instagrammers that showed us around, took days off, spent their time with us and hung out with us. It’s kinda cliché to say it, but it really is so damn amazing that a single app and hobby can unite random people from around the world. You just can’t buy the experience we had at a tour company, or anywhere else for that matter, and I’m so grateful we’re part of this community that enables us to have experiences like this. Again, SG IGers, let us know when you’re in our town, and we’ll be more than happy to return the favour in kind, Sydney-style.

As for you, my dear reader. Thanks so much for following me on this journey and for reading my experiences. Hope you enjoyed it.

I’m planning my next trip already. Can’t wait.