I made a thing. That thing is patkayaway.com.

It’s a travel blog for adventurers and photography-conscious travellers. It’ll provide people with travel tips based on country, location guides, travel photography tips, gear reviews and way more.

It’s my new baby and I’ve got big plans for it.

Actually, a lot of my identity will be wrapped around it – identifying myself as a ‘travel blogger’ rather than ‘photographer’ is going to be interesting, and if you’re interested to hear why I made this change, then this story is for you.

One of the reasons is ownership.

I, like many other content creators, am super frustrated with Instagram right now.

Sure, it’s the ‘platform to be on’, alongside YouTube, but with so many algorithm changes, you never really know what you’re going to get. The constant ups and downs, the constant monkey mind altering what I decide to post based on how well it will perform, the disgusting addiction to the dopamine hit.

I hate the idea that something I spend so much time on is ultimately in control of some company who has grander visions I obviously don’t really align with.

The idea that a small tweak of the algorithm (which happens every few weeks, mind you), sends my numbers plummeting to oblivion and my psyche into the next depressive episode. Fuck that.

One of the reasons why I decide to choose a blog format over selecting something else like YouTube is that again, I have no control over the platform. I could be killing it one day and doing terrible the next, even with consistent content and I’ll have no say in the matter, regardless of how much time and effort I put in to the platform.

A blog is great because it’s something I control. My output matches my input. And even better, now I get to reframe my mind to use social media as a marketing tool, rather than my sole method of marketing, or my sole method of filling the top of the funnel.

This fundamental shift in power has my mind racing with possibility and excitement – that I’m no longer tied down to the stupid double-tapping hamster wheel that so often defines the success of so many people stuck in the same psychological loop.

It’s empowering.

One of the other reasons is because I want to move past the foundations of photography and try to build something that provides more value than a simple image you can double tap and be on your way with.

I want to give people some kind of value that’s actually useful, and a home base they know where to find that has a level of quality that’s better than anything else out there.

I know that there are some people who will straight up copy me – especially since I’m delivering my rationale here to you, right now. But it’s core to who I am as a person. Knowledge and value shared is real potential power, and power belongs to everyone – even the cheaters, unoriginal thinkers and copycats.

Again, a blog is a great vehicle to deliver on the value goal. Not only can I use great photography as a foundational basis of delivering content, but I can also change the types of content I deliver too – written word, video, bespoke images, a well designed, easy to use platform. It allows me to be flexible in ways I can’t do on just Instagram alone.

Anyway, patkayaway is really about empowering creatives and travellers to experience their best lives through discovery and photography – two things I’m super passionate about.

It’s just the beginning, and right now the site is super barebones compared to the vision I’ve designed for it in the near future, but hey, life is an iterative process and so is this platform.

If you like what you see, or there’s more that you could see yourself wanting from it, please let me know and I’ll do my best to make sure it’s in there somehow – your feedback really means the world to me.

While I iterate on patkayaway, I’ll be redesigning this site, patkay.com.au, too. Soon it’ll move to patkay.com, have a redesign that focuses more as a hub for my online properties as well as showcasing my updated portfolio. It’ll also have a rethought blog, where it’s more journalistic and thoughts based entries, rather than practical things like you’ll find on patkayaway.

In the mean time, as always, I appreciate your support. It really means the world to me.

Hopefully I can be of help to you the next time you travel.

Here’s to a new journey. 🥂