Phew! What a month it’s been! No posts in the last 20 days because… well, I’ve been busy with doing a whole bunch of stuff!

I’m trying to keep as busy as possible to keep my mind off other things, but also I’m trying to get to 1000 followers on Instagram before the end of next month, which marks 6 months since I decided to get serious about photography.

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So, what happened this month?

What a big month. I didn’t even list out all the other smaller shoots I had. I really tried hard this month to go out shooting as much as possible, at one stage reaching back to back streaks of 7 then 8 days in a row of shooting. I’m tired! But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Next month is looking to be an even bigger month of shooting too, with a photoshoot I’ve got planned with Georgie (more info to come), the Sydney Open, Sydney Night Squad 4, my 8 day road trip to Melbourne, and a whole bunch of other smaller shoots.

I can’t wait!