Yeah, another one of those stupid things I’m doing on a recurring schedule that I almost always end up not seeing through.

That probably sounds familiar to most people, but fret not. Because the place from where it comes is laden with good intentions. The follow through is important for sure, but it’s not as important as the desire or the motivation to get started in the first place because without that, you’ve got no journey to begin with.

I’ve been trying to find ways to stoke my creative fire again. It’s winter in Sydney right now. We’ve just had our coldest week of the year and I feel like a hibernating bear. I literally don’t want to do anything but sit at home and watch anime and play video games.

Of course, that’s not a great place to be in mentally, even if it is cozy and warm. So I turned inward and sought to find ways to be able to build momentum as a creative again.

Obviously the logical thing to do would have been to pour more dedication into photography, as you’re probably pondering about why I’m doing this. And you’re probably right. But my inspiration for photography is travel, and being stuck in Sydney often means that it’s hard labour to build passion about a place you’ve lived in your whole life. It’s harder to come naturally. Also, Instagram is killing everybody and it’s no fun right now, so no hat no play there.

When I’m in times of need, I turn to the almighty YouTube. I YouTube people I look up to and seek their wisdom. I seek the people who are smarter than me, who have their heads screwed on and who have experience to share. And actually, this daily blogging thing is inspired from one of my long time heroes, Seth Godin. Seth has been daily blogging for a very very long time (7000 entries and counting), and although I want to save some of his insights and motivations for starting this daily blogging for other blog posts in the future so that I actually have something to talk about, if you’re into the real insight of a person’s day to day, you should check out his advice, because it’s infinitely better than what I have to say.

*Disclaimer: I love Seth’s content and approach to business and life. I’ve read almost all his books and have been a long time subscriber to his blog.

The thing I admire about his approach – which I’m shamelessly borrowing from – is that he recognises that (even as great as he is) statistically speaking, half of his blog content is going to be low quality (his words, not mine). As in, it’s pretty much impossible for someone to write and publish every day and for the quality to be absolutely amazing every day – and he’s totally fine with that.

I’ll dive further into why that resonates with me in future posts, but to sum up, it’s about being vulnerable and daring. To face the fear of shame and failure. To do things for yourself without kneeling to the judgement of others – fuck I love that.

So that’s what I’ll be attempting here. And I’ve set rules for myself.

I’m going to write and publish every day, for as many days as I can, aiming for 10 minutes every day. It’s going to be unpolished. It’s going to be fast. It’s going to be raw. It may even sound sexual.

Some days it’s going to just be about my random thoughts about something completely unrelated to anything you know me for.
But some days it might be so relevant it’ll hit you right on the noggin.
Some days it’ll be me sharing something that has inspired me.
Or it could even just be some images.

Whatever it is, it’s going to be proof read only once, and I’m only going to spend a short time doing it every day.

I’m doing it with the intention of building my idea muscle again. Of thoughtfully and consciously building the creative muscle that I love using so much.

Because after all, real artists ship.

See you tomorrow.