I’m back with a fire this time. I’ve had a ton of changes in my life, some good, some bad, but it has ultimately led me to defining and assessing the next chapter in my life.

The next chapter I’ve chosen is to find a path to becoming a digital nomad.

For me, it’s not so much that I want to roam the world with a laptop, camera and a backpack (but really, who doesn’t?!), rather, I love the idea of following the path to get there. There are so many requirements in order to live that life, and reverse engineering this goal means that my journey is pretty concrete, and for the next few years, there are logical blockers I have to work out in order to get to the goal. I’m excited about the process.

In reverse engineering this goal, I’ve managed to break it down into core components which encompass the rationale and how it relates to me today:

For the love of adventure, travel and photography

This one is about following a passion. Being a designer for so long, it’s kind of criminal that I haven’t picked up a camera and committed properly to photography since this year. Working with high quality images and telling a good story are core components to what I do all the time in my day to day. Taking my craft to the next level with photography is a natural extension for me.

I’m also loving getting out of the apartment and exploring. Being a tourist in your own city is so rewarding – finding places you know of but haven’t really ‘discovered’, or rediscovering old places in a new frame of mind – it’s exciting!

With a new passion comes new friends. People who are like-minded, who love adventure, who love creativity, who love photography. It’s challenging to put myself out there, but I’ve managed to meet a few in my short journey and all these people have been wonderful. I can’t wait to meet more.

It forces me to build my digital assets properly, this time

Something I’ve been putting off doing properly for years. I just haven’t been bothered, nor have had a drive to do so, and now, I’m paying the price of several years worth of progression and focus lost. It’s a regret, yeah, but no matter. I’m working on it now. You’ll see the list of social channels I have a presence on grow rapidly over the next few weeks as I start to refine where I want to be digitally and how I want to start sharing what I do.

It keeps me honest to my work and my commitment to constant improvement. Also, it lets me know that people give a shit about the things I do.

It means I have to free myself from debt

Debt is the ultimate method of real imprisonment in our society, and how far in debt you are signals how far imprisoned you are. For me, I’m in deep shit, and I know it. I’ve got credit card bills to pay, a failed business loan, and a car loan I don’t absolutely need. Over the next few years, I’ll be working hard to get rid of all of these debts so that I can potentially travel the world on the drop of a hat and not worry about living pay check to pay check, if I want to.

Being a nomad means you have to keep in shape and be great at socialising

Both things that I need to improve on, badly. Yeah, I go to the gym 5 times a week, but I eat like shit and don’t really see any results because of it. And just because I go to the gym doesn’t mean I’m fit, either. I died when my friends Shay and Mitchy took me to Warrumbungle national park, on a grade 5 walk they (relatively) breezed through.

Also, as a shy introvert, I’m awkward as fuck when socialising (at least I think I am) and have a hard time pretending to be confident when I’m uncomfortable. If I’m going to travel the world and meet new people, I’ve gotta break out of the shell.

So that’s it! Now, why tell you all of this? Well, I’m a pretty transparent guy and I don’t hide much, but maybe it’s more about me declaring my goals to the world, to be accountable to those who actually care about me and are bothered to read this. Maybe it’s also about finding other people who are on this path who I can share this journey with. Maybe it’s so I can weed out the people who are just noise or negativity. Maybe it’s all of it and more, maybe it’s none of it. I don’t know. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Whatever the reason, this is what I’m doing, laid out, plain and simple. So now when you see me do silly things that you wouldn’t do, or things you would normally judge me on, you know why :). Anyway, I’m super excited about this journey. Let me know if you’re excited too! I’d really appreciate it.