Yesterday, Sony put an end to the whirling rumour mill of its next camera release with the announcement of the A7R III.

The mark 2 is definitely my favourite camera I’ve ever owned, my workhorse and my go-to. Safe to say, I’m pretty excited about this new release.

The laundry list of new features is long, but my favourite standouts are:

Although the 42.4MP sensor remains largely the same as the previous model, Sony have managed to squeeze an extra stop of dynamic range into the A7R III, resolving into an unheard-of 15 stops. To accompany that, the downstream pipeline is all new, too. The A7R III is now able to shoot up to 10 fps, with full autofocus and auto exposure functionality, into a buffer of up to 76 compressed RAW files. Insane.

The body of the A7R III remains almost exactly the same. However now on the back, you’ll find a touchscreen that works with autofocus, the nipple joystick from the A9, and some rearranged buttons for better usability (no more video record button on the side! Yay!). You’ll also find the same double-life battery from the A9, as well as dual card slots (UHS-I & UHS-II) and a vastly improved viewfinder. All in the same size form factor.

On the video side, the A7R III now includes super slow-mo 120fps recording at full HD, oversampled high-res 4K HDR @ 30fps, and a new ‘Hybrid Log-Gamma’ picture profile, promising a wide dynamic range for post processing.

Here’s some more of the new features:

There’s a bunch more features I haven’t listed here, but if you’re looking for more, check out the Sony website for the official product page.

The Sony A7R III will be available mid November, at a SRP of $4999AUD.

*Header image taken from the official Sony A7R III product page