I’m really good at procrastination.

Like, to the point where in some parts of my life, I specifically work at getting better at the thing I’m procrastinating with so that I can get better at procrastinating more in the future (read: playing games).

It’s like everything in life wants a piece of my time – my phone is constantly yelling at me, tv shows and animes with unfinished stories sitting in the back of my mind, my Playstation quietly sitting in the corner, gently suggestive, lulling me over with the blue paint job on my custom controller.

Over the past few months, I’ve given in. I’ve finished 7 games, watched over 600 episodes of anime and bought a Switch and a 3DS. In the same time period, I’ve also only been out shooting less than the number of fingers I have, my hands are smooth from the callouses that have gone away from not going to the gym, and I’m currently staring at 8 empty wine bottles I can’t be bothered to throw out.

It’s not a great sight, but at least it was fun. And I’m not saying it’s not ok to indulge every once in awhile, but eventually, you have to pull yourself out of the hole and back into productivity.

That’s kinda what this daily blogging is about.

When it comes to wrestling back the controls of your life (instead of the ones for your Playstation), there’s one thing you just can’t rely on… strangely enough, it’s motivation.

When you’ve been out of being truly productive for so long, you might get a sudden burst of motivation and feel fantastic, but the truth is that it doesn’t last. Knowing this, what I’ve found works for me is finding a motivation source that does last; one that perpetuates itself and will only fizzle out if you do.

That source is habits.

Habitualising common constructive actions is the best source I’ve found to take control without having to use a significant amount of willpower or motivation, and time and time again, including these last two weeks, it’s worked wonders for me.

Habits are better than finding motivation, better than setting goals, better than forward planning. It’s the thing that gets you chugging along, purring at a productive pace, and it feels great.

I’ll share a little more about habits in tomorrow’s post, but rest assured, if you want to take control, build some good habits. It might just be the thing that saves you.