Just got back from a two week holiday to Tokyo and Hong Kong. It was such a blast! Hong Kong is amazing – there’s so many things to shoot there. But Tokyo… Tokyo is a city I could see myself living in. After wanting to go there since I was a little boy, it’s everything I had imagined it would be, and much much more.

We spent just 4 days in this busy city and teaser of time has got me wanting to go back as soon as possible. I can’t wait to share all the shots from there with you, but most of those will come in time on the feed.

From location to location, Gareth, TK and I shot some street over the 4 days. I’ll probably never post these on IG, so here are 30 that I’ve chosen.

For me, these images represent the day to day of Tokyo. For me, these images bring back the memories of my trip far more strongly than the locations I shot. I hope you like them.

All of these images were edited with my new ‘Street’ preset pack coming out very soon. They were all edited within 1-2 minutes! A huge workflow time saver. Watch this space!

Also, 90% of these shots were done on my little pocket camera, the Sony RX100V, or on my iPhone. I think there’s only 1 shot in there on my A7RII.

Anyway, enjoy!