My mate @shaybacko and I just got back from a road trip down to Victoria. We ventured down in my little GTS86 – packed to the brim – and hit up a whole bunch of places I’ve been wanting to visit for awhile now.

I’m gonna split up the blog posts in days, because otherwise it’ll just be a massive shitpost with a whole bunch of stuff.

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Day 2

After a rough night of camping at a roadstop being woken up in random intervals by screaming trucks stopping 20 metres away from us in the middle of the night, we headed to The Black Spur.

I’ve been riding motorbikes since I was 16 years old, and thanks to my stepdad (who was born in Melbourne), I’ve been exposed to a few of the top places for riders to go in Victoria. The Black Spur is one of them.

Luckily for me, we decided to take my little zippy 86 down there, and we tore through the spur, up and down probably half a dozen times. Unlucky for Shay, he was a passenger and I probably gave him a headache.

The Black Spur

Getting there super early, we had a bunch of time to kill. After I satisfied myself with a few adrenaline-induced runs, we ended up killing the arvo with a trip to the Maroondah Reservoir Park. There’s a rad set of waterfalls there, to which Shay and I tried to build a dam to get across, only to spend 45 minutes failing at that and finding a way around.

Maroondah Waterfall

There’s also an amazing dam that holds the Reservoir together and overlooks a wonderful vista of super still water, mountains, and the rest of the park. A great place for droning!

Maroondah DamMaroondah Dam

Finishing up sunset here, we camped at the Spur in hopes of catching the fog in the morning

Day 3

…We didn’t get any. 🙁 So we had a skate instead!

The Black SpurThe Black SpurThe black spur

After dodging traffic in the tight corners of the Spur, we headed to Melbourne, where we met up with our Airbnb place and host and explored the city a little bit.


At night we met up with the legend himself, @s.wei_ and he took us to some great spots around the Yarra river


10/10 great day! Would do again.

Did you check out what happened on Day 1? It was pretty rad.