My mate @shaybacko and I just got back from a road trip down to Victoria. We ventured down in my little GTS86 – packed to the brim – and hit up a whole bunch of places I’ve been wanting to visit for awhile now.

I’m gonna split up the blog posts in days, because otherwise it’ll just be a massive shitpost with a whole bunch of stuff.

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Day 4 – Melbourne CBD

The days spent in the Melbourne CBD were probably the thing I was looking forward to the most.

On day 4, we were taken around town by the super talented Elles (you should go check out her work, it’s amazing) to some of Melbourne’s coolest architecture spots. We could have spent even more time roaming the city than we did already (it was an 8 hour day), but I think the places she took us to were spot on.

We went to the Medibank building, the RMIT design hub, University of Melbourne, Peter MacCallum cancer centre, Emporium and then had amazing chicken at Sam Sam (I’m such a sucker for Korean chicken).

Medibank buildingMedibank buildingRMIT Design HubPeter MacCallum Cancer CentrePeter MacCallum Cancer CentreEmporium

At night, we met up with Sunny again and he took us around Chinatown to shoot some street!

Melbourne ChinatownMelbourne ChinatownMelbourne ChinatownMelbourne ChinatownMelbourne Chinatown

Day 5

After departing our Airbnb and mourning the loss of a decent shower, Shay and I departed for Trentham falls to kill some time during the day. We were pretty excited about this one, except that it rained pretty much the entire time from the CBD to the falls.

Trentham Falls

Once we got there, it was still raining, it was muddy, slippery, and generally… pretty shit. But we decided to head down anyway.

After almost slipping on like 1000 rocks, I finally made my way to a decent vantage point, only to discover that the long expo’s I wanted to do would turn out into a muddy mess because of the combination of rain and waterfall mist.

Trentham Falls

This was pretty much the best shot I could get from that spot.

To make up for the average morning, we then departed to the Great Ocean Road, where we would meet up with Sunny and crew the next day.

The Great Ocean Road

The great ocean road is absolutely fantastic. I thoroughly enjoyed fanging my way through the corners, especially since (unlike Sydney) they have turn off bays where slower cars pull over to get out of your way. Why can’t we have ‘consider people following’ signs in Sydney?

Victoria was putting a show on for us as well. The clouds were out in force and low in the sky, and with the sun peaking out in random locations, it was like we were driving in an advertisement – fantastic experience.

Great Ocean RoadGreat Ocean Road

Our destination was the Cape Otway Lightstation, where we would potentially catch the sun set to the background of the lighthouse.

We got there far too late and the entire park had closed (who wraps a park around a lighthouse?!), with no access to the lighthouse. Sad face. Without reception, a way in, or a backup plan for sunset, we decided to persevere and find our way around the joint to see if there was some kind of ghetto back access. As always, persistence rewards, and Shay discovered a bush bash route we shouldn’t have gone in to which gave us access to the park and the lighthouse.

The sunset was definitely the best of the trip. The clouds were moody as hell and everything was pink, purple and orange.

Cape Otway LightstationCape Otway LightstationCape Otway Lightstation

After trekking it back to the car, we ended up camping in Apollo bay, not far from where we would meet the others the next day.

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