My mate @shaybacko and I just got back from a road trip down to Victoria. We ventured down in my little GTS86 – packed to the brim – and hit up a whole bunch of places I’ve been wanting to visit for awhile now.

I’m gonna split up the blog posts in days, because otherwise it’ll just be a massive shitpost with a whole bunch of stuff.

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Day 6

After camping at Apollo bay in a caravan park (instead of on the side of the road, which was nice), we shot around the area, and back up the Great Ocean Road to a place called “Teddy’s lookout”.

I don’t have any shots from there, because I was too scared about losing my shit. It’s a hella high lookout and that day was windy as. I decided to fly my little Mavic anyway, thinking it could handle it.

Boy was I almost about to be wrong.

It took off, I did some shots, but quickly found that pretty much any direction except back into the mountain wasn’t working. The wind was way too strong and forcing my little Mavic back. In a panic, I tried to land it, but every time I tried, a gust of wind would just sweep it away. I couldn’t land!

Trying to keep my calm, I decided to walk it back to the carpark, in hopes of it not being as windy as it’s not next to the cliff and it has an open area. Luckily, I got it to land.

Scary. Won’t be over-estimating its abilities again!

After that adrenalin-inducing episode, we had some time to kill before Sunny and his crew (@kxnwn, @cndybri and @ana.uta) would meet us. We hung around until they arrived, and headed down the rest of the Great ocean road and did all the touristy spots, starting with Beech forest.

Beech Forest

Ohhhh boy. This place was pretty cool! Big, tall trees occupy the ‘Californian redwood forest’ there. Sunny was kind enough to risk life and sneakers to climb up on the log and do the classic shot.

What a champ.

Beech Forest - Californian Redwood forestBeech Forest - Californian Redwood forestBeech Forest - Californian Redwood forestBeech Forest - Californian Redwood forestBeech Forest - Californian Redwood forestThe crew!Beech Forest - Californian Redwood forestBeech Forest - Californian Redwood forestBeech Forest - Californian Redwood forest

Loch Ard Gorge & The 12 apostles

I didn’t get many shots here. Unfortunately the sunset was pretty shit. The clouds were muddy as hell and it was too windy to fly the drone.

Oh well. It’s still a beautiful place, and I can’t wait to come back in better conditions.

Loch Ard Gorge12 Apostles

Day 7

After camping on the side of the road at a truck stop again, we headed back into Melbourne CBD for our last day.

We headed up to level 88 of the Eureka tower to check out the view. It was pretty rad. Only got one shot because… it’s kinda hard to shoot up there. But the view was nice!

Eureka Tower

Canon leap meet

I swear Beau and Brenton must have thought I was stalking them or something, as I’ve been to Sydney Leap meets before, and now here I was, in Melbourne attending another one. Haha.

This time were in the Melbourne Arts Centre’s Hammer Hall. We had the entire place to ourselves! It was amazing. As with all Leap meets, we’re given a few briefs to shoot, and there’s a prize at the end. I didn’t win, but the homie Sunny did!

The 3 briefs I ended up shooting for were ‘Follow the light’, ‘Look to the shadows’, and ‘Defy gravity’.

Canon leap meetCanon leap meetCanon leap meetCanon leap meet
Canon leap meet
What happens when your camera gets hijacked xD

After all was said and done, Shay, the Melbourne crew and I all went for a final meal. Of course, it was Vida HSP’s. It was amazing. I’m fat.

And that’s pretty much it! We spent the next day just high-tailing it back to Sydney in one big go, I was tired as fuck, and even now, two weeks later, I still haven’t washed my bug-ridden car. I probably should.

Hope you enjoyed the series! Can’t wait to share my next adventure with you! (Singapore, Jan 2017 ;))