I constantly question why I work so hard at the things I work on.

What’s the purpose? What’s the value? What does it bring me in life? Love? Happiness? Fulfilment? Existential angst?

What’s the return on my effort and what guarantee do I have that I’ll receive it?

It’s not fame. I’m an introvert and being famous sounds tiring.

It’s not fortune. I make more than enough money with my day job.

The reasoning I keep coming back to is fulfilment and purpose. When I write a blog post that’s valuable to someone’s life and they tell me that it is – that feeling. When I post an image of a place that inspires someone to travel there. When I share stories about my life and my travels and the feeling of closeness it brings between us.

I understand the difference between business and self-fulfilment. Sometimes the lines blur, but most of the time that’s a necessity to keep the engine running. But the things I create that have value to other people are the things that I treasure most.

It’s the things that make me feel better about myself for creating. It’s the things that you’d notice if I stopped creating one day.

It’s the stuff that doesn’t feel like work when it should – it just feels like life.

It’s the stuff that matters.